Fw: 10 Corollaries of Murphy's Law: Debugging

Esto va para los informáticos...
  1. The debugging tool you need will not be installed on any computer that exhibits the problem. 
  2. There will be no way to reproduce the problem on the developer's computer.
  3. Proxies, firewalls and NAT boxes will keep you from being able to connect to any computer that exhibits the problem.
  4. If you are debugging a Web service client, the service will go down as soon as you have your tools running.
  5. Any debugging tool licenses you have will expire before you really need them.
  6. If two debugging tools use the same DLL, they will require different and incompatible versions of the DLL.
  7. The most revealing trace log statement you write will never be called.
  8. The least useful trace log statement you write will be called thousands of times.
  9. Any trace logs generated will be too large for your email server to accept.
  10. The problem will not be where you're looking, because you're looking in the wrong place.
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